Innermap Founder & Mindfulness Teacher

Mitra is a curious student and passionate teacher, coach and public speaker, with over 3 decades of experience helping people of all ages and many different cultures bring mindfulness and balance to their lives.


" Mindfulness is being awake and present with curiosity and compassion "


Workplace Training and Executive Coaching

Invite Mitra to empower your workplace and decision-makers from the inside out.


Keynote Speaking

Invite Mitra for an inspiring, educational, and fun presentation about mindfulness at home and at work.


UCLA Classes

Join Mitra at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center for a practical and playful journey to the world of mindfulness. Classes are open to all.


Ask Mitra

Book a 20-minute phone session with Mitra for fast-track guidance and support.


Mindfulness-Based Coaching

Allow Mitra to help you affirm your healthy patterns, interrupt your unhealthy ones, and cultivate a happier, more mindful life.


Mindful Art Viewing

Allow Mitra to take you from over-looking to deeply-seeing the Art, the Artist, and Yourself.



Ask Mitra

Book a 20-minute phone session with Mitra for fast-track guidance and support.


Thursday, June 27, 2019 Guided Meditation led by Mitra Manesh at The Hammer Museum

Every Thursday at 12:30pm, MARC holds a free, drop-in, 30-minute guided meditation session at UCLA’s Hammer Museum. 10899 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024

Practicing Mindfulness in our Families with Mitra Manesh–July 2019

Join Mitra at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center for a practical and playful journey to the world of mindfulness. Classes are open to all.




Mitra designs and delivers Mindful Workplace Training Programs which lay the foundation for employees to learn the principles of mindfulness and apply them at work on an ongoing basis, while also developing a personal mindfulness practice.

These programs are designed around your company’s unique organizational wants & needs, and cover such areas as mindful communication, decision-making, problem-solving, email and technology, deadlines, time-management, stress-management, work-life balance, and much more.

Stand-alone executive programs focus on mindful leadership, purpose and values, big picture decision-making, clear communication and goals, skillful delegation and boundaries, stress management and a happy balance between work and home.

Both programs lead to more creativity and productivity, personal and organizational happiness and health, less absenteeism and an increasingly positive bottom line.

Mitra’s programs integrate decades of teaching Eastern mindfulness practices with decades of Western corporate training/coaching experience.


Innermap Mindful Art Workshops

Mitra offers private Mindful Art Viewing/Creation workshops for art lovers and art explorers who wish to experience Art, Artist, and Self in free, fresh and creative ways. The intention is to explore the relationship between the arts and self by combining art viewing/creation and mindfulness practices. These workshops are designed to offer participants a unique opportunity to experience and explore art and their responses to it. Contact us if you are interested in creating/discussing a workshop.


Mitra Manesh in collaboration with UCLA's Fowler Museum offers a 60-minute mindful art-viewing experience of objects in the museum. This contemplative session is designed to deepen the experience of art exploration by meditating and focusing on the suspension of judgment and creating an opportunity for art, artist, and self to be considered anew. The next event will take place on: TBA, at The Fowler Museum, which is located in the heart of UCLA’s north campus. This is a free event.


If you need quick and short coaching help on a pressing problem in your personal or professional life, Ask Mitra. These twenty-minute phone sessions are ideal when you need fast feedback on an idea, support for a challenging problem, or guidance regarding a specific situation in your personal or professional life. Sessions can be booked on short notice.


Mitra Manesh is a powerful and engaging speaker with a gift for connecting to audiences large and small. She knows how to make mindfulness fresh, accessible, relevant and fun for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience. She has spoken about mindfulness to a wide range of organizations and groups, including Amazon, Unilever, UTA, the Jewish Federation of LA, Anderson School of Business, Hillcrest Country Club, UCLA Health Center, Claremont Colleges, the Hammer Museum, Amazon, Merrill Lynch Women’s Wealth and Wisdom Conference, and MANY more.

  • • Corporate & private events
  • • Educational events
  • • Conferences & public events



Practicing Mindfulness in our Families with Mitra Manesh – July 2019

Tuesdays – 7-9 pm – July 9 – July 30, 2019

One of the most challenging areas for mindfulness practitioners is bringing mindfulness into our family lives—nuclear family, family of origin, extended family, and the many ways we make and define family.

In this hands-on, coaching-style class, we will cover communication, boundaries, rivalries, and judgment. We will explore how mindfulness can help us find more ease, well-being, and even humor in the midst of family dynamics of all types.

Come alone or bring family members (16 and up). Previous mindfulness experience recommended, but not a must.

Location: UCLA Neuroscience Research Building Auditorium (NRB) - 635 East Charles Young Dr.

Date Tuesdays, July 9-July 30th, 2019 -- 7:00-9:00 pm

Fee: $200 per person


Classes Include:
  • Mindful Endings
  • Mindful Aging
  • Mindfulness & Self-Care
  • Mindfulness & Intimacy
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Mindfulness & Life Stories


Mitra provides online and in-person Mindfulness-Based Personal Coaching.

She helps you clarify the deeper and bigger picture of your life, from “where you are now” to “where you would like to be”. She guides you through an inner shift and outer process to help you bridge the gap and achieve lasting and meaningful results.

Mitra’s role in this context is as a trusted confidential sounding board, an honest and supportive partner who helps you peacefully navigate your life's journey and achieve your most meaningful goals

Each session is 50 minutes long and consists of a short meditation, your check-in, an extensive process of coaching, Q & A, and a summary of the main points discussed in the session. A written summary is also provided as a text on the following day.

You can access this service anywhere in the world. What you need is a computer/ smart phone, Internet connection, and a desire to be happier & lead a more mindful life!

Mitra has a non-negotiable 24-hour cancellation policy with full payment for no shows and last-minute cancellation.