Unwavering dedication to peace

DIVANEH59, 06/17/2020

Mitra’s artful way of telling a story is one of her strongest suits. Her tone paints a landscape of light and love. She advocates for inner and outer peace. I am so happy to have found her podcasts. Much love.

Blessed to have Mitra close to home...

AIKO_MEANS_LOVE, 06/12/2020

took a year of mindfulness courses at UCLA as part of MARC's Intensive Practice Program and Mitra was by far my favorite teacher. I drove from Joshua tree to LA weekly, a round trip totaling 5 hours to sit with Mitra for 2 hours.

She is filled with wisdom, insight and compassion. I am so grateful to have her teaching so accessible. I'm also in LOVE with her app!

One of the greatest teachers of 👏🏾all👏🏾time.

One of the greatest teachers of 👏🏾all👏🏾time.

Great teachings

MEGHAN MANN, 05/01/2020

I’ve been learning from Mitra Manesh for over four years. The way she teaches self-responsibility and is able to break down complicated deeper topics into simple ways for anyone at any level to understand always amazes me. These podcasts are a gift to have in your pocket.

Thank you

HIROKIB, 04/18/2020

I love this podcast

Mitra is a great teacher of Mindfulness

FRANKARIEL, 02/08/2020

Thanks for the podcast. Looking forward to more.