Innermap Founder & Mindfulness Teacher

“ Our job is to Master the Mind, Care for the Body, and Serve the Spirit ”

Mitra Manesh is the founder of “innermap”, an innovative new mindfulness App, and the host of “Lights on”, a podcast offering support for a mindful life. She is a mindfulness thought leader, storyteller, and educator with over 3.5 decades of experience helping people of all ages and many different cultures to live, love, and lead more consciously at home and at work.

Her work is a blend of Western corporate training and Eastern inner-based practices. The result is a unique approach offering knowledge & wisdom in a practical and empowering way.

Her clients range from everyday people seeking peace at home and work, to celebrities seeking balance, to institutions and other entities, like, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, Amazon, Merrill Lynch, Unilever, UCLA Anderson School of Management, Hugo Boss, C.A.A., Thomas Cook, The Senate of Canada, KPMG, Labatt, Christian Dior, Capital Group, Insomniac, United Health Group... to name a few.

Beyond mindfulness and corporate work, Mitra has been a Human Right Commissioner in Ontario, Canada, a commentator/panelist for CBC and Omni TV, and an executive for numerous non-profit and for-profit entities.

Mitra began her life exploration at a young age, and meditation practice in 1985. She initially trained at TM Center in Perth, Australia, and later received private lessons and teachings from her teacher and renowned Buddhist monk, The Venerable Dr. Vivekananda, with whom she travelled throughout Asia. She studied Taoism in Canada, and graduated from the Sacred Path Program at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles. Influencing and marinating all of the above is her lifelong love and study of the great Persian poet-philosopher, Rumi.

“ Take everything to heart, and take nothing seriously ”

One special gift –and challenge –that deepened and shaped her journey so far, has been Dyslexia. Mitra learned to make sense of things/life in a different way, since she could not understand them as presented. Patterns, shapes, colors, stories...all have become her friends on the road of surviving/thriving and learning/teaching.

Born in the East, raised in the West, excited by her challenges and life’s journey to make conscious living and working more available and accessible than ever to the global community.