May we suggest

1. After introducing yourself, tell us what your story is about, at its core. For example: “this is a story about falling in love,” or, “this is a story about moving to another country,” or “this is a story about losing your job”.

2. Identify where mindfulness fits into the story. For example: “this is how mindful [parenting, self-awareness, compassion, presence, etc) helped me to…”

3. Pace yourself. Do not speak too fast, or too slow.

4. Pay attention to the sounds in the background and the sound of your breathing. Nature and ambience sounds are soothing and add to the story; however, sounds amplify when the stories are listened to in the App. Listen to your story in silence or with headphones before submitting.

5. Since the stories are short, be mindful of the details and information you include. Focus on setting the stage, bringing clarity, and telling your story. Let go of the rest. For instance, telling us that your friends were there may be important, but we do not need to know all of their names.


How long should my story be?
Between 2 – 5 minutes

Who reviews my story?
Your story will be reviewed by the innermap editorial team.

Is there a minimum age for the person who submits the story?
Yes, the person who submits the story must be 18 or older.

Can I send in my story from anywhere and about anyone?
Yes, we encourage, welcome, and celebrate diversity of all kinds.

What do I need to record my story?
All you need is a smart phone, or any other technology that allows you to audio record yourself.

What type of file can I upload?
We recommend uploading your story in MP3 format. The maximum file size is 1GB.

What happens when my story is accepted?
If your story is accepted, we will notify you via email and your story will be added in a queue to be featured in our App under the "Stories" category and "Your Story" sub-category.

Will my personal information appear on innermap?
Your story will have your first name—or assumed name—your country, and your age as given to us in the application form you filled out when you submitted your story. If you chose to remain anonymous, we won’t show your name. Any other information will be kept confidential at all times.

What happens if my story is not accepted?
We receive many stories, and only select those that are closely aligned with our mindfulness purpose. If your story is not accepted, your information will remain confidential and stored safely in our servers.

Will my story be shared in any other platforms?
If your story is accepted, we may also feature it on our social channels. It will also have your first name—or assumed name—your country, and your age. If you added your Instagram username on the form, we may use it to tag you. If you chose to remain anonymous, we will only show your country and age.